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October 3, 2018

Guidelines to Consider in Book Illustration

In the old days, many writers of different books used to illustrate books rather than putting in words. Book illustrators at those times they could have a ready market because many people liked the idea. It was easier for the book illustrators to know the group they are targeting before illustrating their work. Most of the times you find out that most of the books illustrated touch on the children. It is advantageous to have book illustrations for children rather than the other ages.

We are in a digital world where you find out that most of the book illustrations belong to kids, unlike the ancient times. It is not any simple to illustrate a book even though it is your perfect job. Here are the guidelines you should follow so that your book illustration becomes excellent. This site highlights such factors.

Mind about drawing as the first and core factor. It is very important that you draw over and over again. Mostly when tackling on the children, it is relevant to have pictures in order. Draw pictures of different things at different places. The background of the images can be of various places like church, markets, and other places so that it can give the kid a memory. You can draw the images several times so as to pick the best drawn at the long last. Thus, you will be in a position to expose them well published, interesting and attractive to the audience.

The second factor to consider is having a portfolio for the kids. It is necessary that you consider having a portfolio of the books. Including scenes that are beautiful captures the mind of the reader and hence your book illustration will be better placed. Therefore, ensure that you include a portfolio in your book illustrations.

Would you like to show the emotions of your characters demonstrated in the drawings? The emotions of the book characters should be portrayed in the pictures. If you want a certain character to ever be smiling, then make sure that you include that on the book illustrations. It is necessary to show the emotions of your characters since it will contribute a lot to the information you want to pass. Therefore, ensure that when you are drawing you include the marks that show how the character was. However, ensure that you don’t exaggerate the pictures so that they don’t look like cartoons.

How many pages would like to have your book illustration? Many people tend to have the thirty-two pages book which is way too small for the drawings. Ensure that the color you decorate your pictures with flow harmoniously throughout the book.

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